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Consulting & Training

Casual Business Meeting

Culture Change

Let us help with a measurable approach.

Feel your leadership is not connecting with your workforce? Struggling to understand a millennial workforce? We’ve developed a measurable way to improve your workplace culture using the top management book, “First, Break All The Rules.” We’ll measure your workplace’s attitudes, help you plan how to address issues, then come back and re-measure attitudes to see the impact.

Interview Recording

Teaching Brand Journalism

We can teach your staff.

In addition to leading newsrooms, our founder has also taught 17 college journalism classes at Texas Tech University and the University of Southern California. We have a curriculum we'd be happy to share, teach and coach.

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Crisis Communications

We know how to help because we were on the other side.

We help you create a plan and/or help when you have to respond to bad news. If you do not have a plan in place for a PR nightmare, we can help you get there. No one likes those days, but you can gain the tools needed to handle the worst days with the best resources.

Consulting & Training: Work
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